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Caroline's Treasures

Artwork Wall Panel - Sublimation

Artwork Wall Panel - Sublimation

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Introducing the Decorative Artwork Wall Panel from Caroline's Treasures, the perfect blend of quality, aesthetic, and versatility. Crafted from Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), this 8x8x0.625 inch glossy wall panel exhibits an exceptional image reproduction. Our in-house artwork design is vividly printed on it, offering a striking addition to your office decor or home decor. The panel's superior scratch and abrasion resistance guarantees it will stand up to everyday wear and tear while maintaining its appeal. With keyholes in the design, the artwork print is ready to hang. Alternatively, utilize the provided easel kickstand for table or desk display. The panel's smooth black finish on the edges and back adds a sophisticated touch to this artwork. This unframed print is not just an interior decor element; it is an expression of your style and taste. Add this striking piece to your collection or gift it to someone special. It is sure to elevate any living or working space it adorns.

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